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Elevate your Domain Buying Experience: A New Era of Affordability, Safety and Convenience

The realm of domain buying is rife with challenges, from complex negotiations to security concerns. But, just as every cloud has a silver lining, a breakthrough solution has arrived that's transforming the landscape for potential domain buyers.

Imagine being able to bypass tedious negotiations, gain access to premium domains, and have the assurance of a safe transaction, all while having flexibility in terms. This has become a reality thanks to a new model: Lease to Own.

More Affordable Premium Domains at Your Fingertips

The Lease to Own model offers a unique advantage: affordability. It brings premium domains within reach of a wider audience, thereby inflating the appeal and range of your choices. As a buyer, the freedom to manipulate a simple slider empowers you to determine affordable and flexible deal terms suitable to your budget. This ensures that investment in the domain you desire is comfortable and within reach.

Service Fee Features

The Lease to Own model also introduces a service fee scheme for long-term transactions. It ensures adequate coverage for the duration of transactions, including recurring payment processing fees, domain renewals, and DNS support. The progression follows:

  • 2–12 months = no markup added
  • 13–24 months = 10% markup
  • 25–36 months = 20% markup
  • 37–60 months = 30% markup

The markup is used to cover transaction-related fees with half incentive for domain sellers. Opting for long-term domain payment plans not only brings premium domains within your reach but it continually aids the improved affordability of domains for end-users.

No More Negotiations

Negotiating is an often cumbersome, time-consuming activity that could make or break a deal. The Lease to Own model addresses this by only requiring a Buy It Now (BIN) price, eliminating the need for negotiation. Simply proceed with the purchase with all the necessary information at your fingertips, saving both time and effort.

Guaranteed Safety with Full Access Control

In the realm of domain transactions, the Lease to Own model stands out through its emphasis on safety. The domain you're investing in remains securely held in escrow until your payments are completed. This clearly implies that throughout the payment period, the escrow service safeguards the domain—eliminating any risk of fraud or mishandling.

Simultaneously, as a buyer, you are granted complete access to the DNS zone via the escrow site. This allows you to make necessary configurations or updates, critical for setting up your website or email, or rerouting servers.

Once all payments are met in the agreed period, the escrow service releases the domain into your full ownership. It's essentially a seamless and transparent process that instills confidence and promotes a safe purchase journey.

Opt for the Lease To Own model for not just more accessible premium domains but also guaranteed transactional safety with full control of domain settings at your fingers, right from the get-go.